What is a Technical Assessment?

Papps Cock & Co Technical Assessment Process

Some surprises can be lovely. But when you’re planning a construction, refurbishment or renovation project, in our experience, it’s better to avoid as many surprises as possible. Can a technical assessment help?

Hidden costs? Unexpected delays? These are definitely unpleasant surprises and most people think they’re inevitable when it comes to carrying out a building project. But they don’t have to be – that’s where the technical assessment can certainly come in.

What’s involved?

The type of technical assessment you’ll need will very much depend on what works you have
planned. Here are some examples of what may be included:

  1. A ground condition report
  2. A structural engineers survey if load bearing walls are being removed
  3. An electrical and mechanical survey of any existing installations
  4. A survey of the existing drainage system

Some assessments can be made purely by looking at architect or engineer drawings – this is called a
non-intrusive assessment. On other occasions, an intrusive survey may be required – this may
involve physically opening up walls or ceilings to see what’s inside.

What’s the benefit?

It may sound daunting, but a technical assessment is a very important step in any construction or
renovation project. It makes sure that all aspects of the project and existing sites are taken into
consideration so there are no unexpected costs or delays once your work starts. It also makes sure that
all necessary permissions or regulations can be met and prepared for in advance – saving time and
potential stress later down the line.

How long does it take?

A technical assessment may take a few moments to a few hours depending on the scope of works

I’m planning a construction project – how do I get a technical assessment?

If you’d prefer to take a hands-on approach, you can of course reach out to the appropriate experts
yourself. Your architect may also guide you on local structural engineers, plumbers, electricians or
groundworkers who can assess your site and any existing installations.

However, it can be easier to leave it to your chosen construction company to carry out all the
assessments and engage with any experts as needed.

At Papps Cock & Co, we’ll always carry out a technical assessment on your site before we start a
project. We’ll include the findings of the assessment in your quote so you know exactly what needs
to be done upfront and include all steps in your detailed project plan.

Get in touch with Papps Cock & Co now for a free, no obligation consultation so we can start
planning your project together.

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