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Feeling self-conscious about inviting potential clients to meet you at the office? Are team meetings falling flat? It’s too hot, too cold, the lighting feels harsh and the general atmosphere is decidedly lacking in buzz. 

These are just some of the reasons why our clients have approached us to carry out a commercial office fit out for them.

Investing in your office design can be the perfect solution to inject a new lease of life into your teams and your business by creating a modern, fresh workspace to motivate employees and impress clients.

So what might a commercial office fit out actually include?

A commercial office fit out describes any kind of work on an interior commercial space to meet the requirements of the occupant. It can include elements such as:

  • New layout, such as going open plan or installing new partition walls
  • New flooring
  • Additional mechanical, IT or electrical installations
  • Reception areas
  • Break out areas
  • Meeting/office rooms
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Audio/visual equipment
  • Internal finishes, such as general décor and furnishings

If you’re considering investing in an office refurbishment, here are some of our top tips and key areas for you to consider:


It’s best to be realistic from the start when creating your design and agreeing your budget. If you want a high quality finish, don’t expect to pay budget prices. Prioritise your ‘must haves’ over your ‘nice to haves’ based on what will be most beneficial to your company.

As well as budgeting for the overall design and installation, it can be helpful to also plan for:  the cost of new furniture and a/v equipment, storage for items you plan to keep during the build phase, dilapidation of the existing space and any insurance you may need.


It’s important to plan up front and be clear on what you’re trying to achieve in order to avoid delays and additional expenses later in the process. 

For example, if you want to improve communication across the team, an open plan office could be right for you, perhaps with glass partitions for office or meeting rooms to create privacy without sacrificing the sense of space. If employee satisfaction is at the heart of your office transformation, then you may want to spend extra time thinking about the break-out areas, whereas if it’s all about impressing your clients, then the reception areas and meeting rooms may be your focus.


How do you plan to maintain productivity during the fit-out process?  Some contractors will offer an out of hours service to minimise any disruption to your business during the refurbishment. It’s best to give your employees as much notice as possible of the work so everyone is informed about what is happening and can plan around it.

Maximise the opportunity

Why not make the most of the investment you’ve made in your beautiful new space by inviting clients or partners to a ‘grand opening’ event? It’s the perfect excuse to boost your business connections by networking with key clients, showcasing your success and demonstrating your commitment to continued growth.

With a dedicated project manager, a commitment to working within timescales and budgets, and an out of hours service, Papps Cock & Co are ready to work with you on transforming your office space. Check out our projects here or get in touch now on 01202 946644

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